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   Our product takes a completely different take on a photo gallery. Sure there are many excellent photo gallery sites on web and great deal of them are even free but they target individuals. This is what separates us from them, we offer a 100% business focused solution. Rather then acquiring an account from a gallery provider you move to the top of the ladder and become the provided. Orbitshare provides you with GUI to not only brand your portal but manage all aspects of it.

   The portal management includes options such as automatically adding watermarks upon image uploads, allowing automated signup, multiple image sizes, user/client and staff management, browsing limitations, news management, usage statistics, comments, extended security and many more. With this extensive array of features we can accomodate a variety of businesses, such as digital photographers, medical professionals and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) just to name a few.

   Branding is crucial in extending your business outside of the current area of focus. Our product can not only help extend the reach of a companies of all sizes and types, it can help to strengthen your existing offerings. With the ability to customize watermarks, site header and title, styles, layouts, upload and storage options, custom contact details, content naming, landing page content, site news and advertisements.

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